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Hi, my name is Lauren and I started Winnie Wear Collars in March 2012. I named the company after my Chocolate Lab Winnie. I am very much a people person as I am an Animal Lover. To me there isn’t anything in this world that I would not do for a friend or family member and for Winnie. That is why I created Winnie Wear Collars.

I worked in a Pet Retail Location for 13 years. Here I was able to become a dog trainer and work on a more personal yet professional level with people and their dogs. I created a relationship and strengthened the bond between each owner and their dog. Also by being a dog trainer I needed to learn the different tools and equipment for behavioral curving, and that’s where I noticed the dog collar world was extremely boring!

Every major pet retail location carries the same style of collars and leashes. From training and working with dogs for so long, I could pick out where each dog purchased their collar. I could even say, “Winnie had that collar”. Right then and there I knew I wanted to start my own collar line!

Lauren Richardson

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